Entry #1


2012-01-23 03:53:16 by Mixermike622

Finally decided to use this account since everyone else keeps trying to upload my stuff here.
I'll check in here and there, but I mostly stay around my tumblr or deviantArt.
So if you need me for something you'd get a quicker response going to one of those.


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2012-01-23 06:03:58

ahahahahahaah samitch!!!


2012-01-24 19:45:08

Good to see your finally uploading your flash vids to Newgrounds. Curious as to why you never figured to upload them to the premier open flash portal of the internet in the first place, but its just good to see that you did get around to it. Hope to see more of your stuff on NG, and good to see you'll get more views and comments to your work from the wider flash community now. This world needs more ponies anyways :).


2012-10-03 18:12:14

Wow dude. Make a longer version of that Dan Vs "Friendship is Magic" LOL!